Let's chat about farmhouse chic!

What is Farmhouse Chic style|Lavender Blue Floral|farm weddings in Iowa|Fixer Upper Style

What is farmhouse chic?  It's the look you find on Fixer Upper. It's fresh, "farmy" and fun!

I love to create permanent botanical designs for your farmhouse style! This style is very trendy in wedding design and interior spaces.


Farmhouse Chic is what I sell on Etsy, where you can find many of my unique, quality designs, with what Joanna Gaines is making so trendy right now. Living in Iowa gives constant inspiration to the new designs created each month. Whether you are looking to just accent a table by your front door, or have a custom silk bouquet made for your farm-style wedding, we can make it happen!

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Farmhouse Chic is about bringing the outdoors in! If you live on the prairie as I do, it's easy to walk outside and see all the texture and colors found in nature and watch them transform from season to season. You can look at a bird's nest, dried grasses, and a cluster of berries, and envision them being held by an old rusty metal watering can you found at a nearby farm auction. Now you have the perfect recipe for farmhouse chic!


Farmhouse Chic is about home, where we all grow the roots that sustain the blooming we do for the rest of our lives. Being home, snuggling up to a book, and enjoying your favorite wine are all components of a farmhouse chic life.

What is Farmhouse Chic Style|Lavender Blue Floral|Fixer Upper Style|farmhouse weddings
My happy place... an Iowa farm

Farmhouse Chic is about keeping a close connection to the land and your enjoyment of its bounty. You don't need to live on a farm to enjoy this style. Elements that reflect this style are things like: shiplap, barn wood floors, open shelving, farm sinks, wire baskets.

What can I combine that reflects the necessities that would be required of a "real farm woman" with an upscale, classic look that provides the amenities we enjoy today? A farmer needs things to collect her garden bounty in, an open shelf to store her jars for canning, and a large sink to wash off all the mud and grime that comes into her house. Get the picture? 

“Some old-Fashioned things like fresh air and sunshine are hard to beat”

Laura Ingalls Wilder

The best things in my life have been connected to nature, music, and love. My time spent on my Father's knee while he was riding the John Deere tractor through the field at harvest time is the best memory of our time together. Breathing in the good of all God has given us freely and breathing out the negative that the world has placed on our shoulders is the rhythm of a life lived to the fullest...that was my Dad. After years of suffering, Dad went to heaven a few months ago. His love was truly unconditional. I miss him terribly but I think of him and I think of life in the country. "Nothing can beat it," like Laura says. 


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