Curious about what a flower crown making party looks like? Check out this party set up for her 2019 brides by Amelia Renee Photography! What a fun idea.

She set up a “macaroon and mimosa” bar for the gals, complete with fresh fruit and macaroons from local La Mie. The girls mingled as they arrived, and then we jumped in to the class. Education is important for both vendors (florists like me!) and consumers. So teaching some of the basics of floral design was a real treat! Each gal picked out her own flowers and greenery, and created a unique crown. It was fun to see the finished results at the end!

All photos by Amelia Renee, of course!

Lavender Blue takes great pride in the fact that we Educate ourselves at every opportunity! We travel out of state and all over the Midwest for floral design courses and events. We meet other florists and event stylists, sharing all of our inspirations and ideas that we never have enough time to implement! When people touch flowers, whether they are a skilled, experienced designer or a first -timer, something magical happens. It is an all -encompassing experience to the mind, body , and soul. All of the senses are stirred and excited. The smells of beautiful floral blooms, the soft touch of the petals, the prickly sting of a thorn, the discovery of the tine parts of a flower, and on and on.

Learning to “wire and tape” for the first time can be very intimidating. but we make a point to tell our students, “ nothing is wrong, it is all part of the experience”. Allow yourself to focus in on the beauty and the new skill-set as you pull on sticky tape and bend wires into shape. My mentor always said, “you won’t make it good until you have done it seven times.” I think of that when I talk to the class, always reassuring them that nothing is a mistake and I will be right here to support and help you . Just holler!

When class is over, there are lots of smiles and moments for proud pictures of the work they have accomplished! I love that you love what you have done and hopefully, you will come back again to share the fun and laughter!

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