Don’t Toss your Bouquet... Preserve it!

pink and white roses are dried from wedding bouquet and encased in white wooden frane

After all the time and expense in selecting the perfect flowers for your wedding... don’t toss them, preserve them!

Suspended In Time® will professionally preserve your bridal bouquet and other wedding memorabilia allowing those memories to be cherished for a lifetime.

preserved greenery and roses under glass with invitation

The Suspended In Time® drying and preservation process helps to keep every aspect of the bridal bouquet looking as gorgeous as the day it was made, not only for a short time but for generations to come.

sunflowers and coral roses preserved under glass in a bouquet shape

Brides everywhere are thrilled to discover that they can (tastefully) keep and display the flowers they carried down the aisle. Like photographs or a special memory book, wedding flowers become a centerpiece of the home that never ceases to help recall the start of a beautiful life together.

Suspended in Time.jpg

Each encasement is custom designed to reflect your personal style. You can include your photos, invitation, garter, tiara, toasting glasses, grooms boutonniere or any other special items.

Click here to contact Megan at ‘Suspended in Time’ and learn all about how she can help you preserve your wedding memories!

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