Are you wavering between a DIY (do it yourself) approach or hiring a professional florist for your wedding? There is so much more for you to consider than just the cost of the investment. Below, I have compiled the top ten reasons you should hire a professional.

Number One:

You will be able to view a professional florist’s work as well as hear first-hand from previous clients all about their experience. You can get the details of their personality, their professionalism, and if they achieved the client’s vision. You can also get a feel for their style based on their social media and website, and decide whether or not that style matches yours.

Number Two:
A cohesive vision

Professional florists have the experience to be able to see your event as a cohesive concept, before discussing details such as flowers and rental pieces. You will be able to bring pictures of your wedding dress and color swatches of the bridal party’s attire, the pictures you found for inspiration, and the general feel you are going for. Most professional florists have extensive education and stay up to date with the latest wedding trends by attending conferences and classes throughout the year.

Number Three:
Additional add-ons

You can choose from full-service or partial service. Many florists offer additional services for your event such as rental pieces that compliment your floral elements. Full-service florists can pull together the look and feel that you are trying to achieve for your event with items such as candles, rental decor, vases, paper goods, and vintage items. They may also provide set-up and removal of event items. Don’t forget, you can also add floral elements to your wedding cake!

Number Four:

You may have done a lot of research on bouquets and arrangements, but that doesn’t mean you will have the ability to design your pieces like a professional can. Florists often have access to different types of flowers and color palettes that you may not have considered. Florists also have access to flowers of a higher quality than what you would be able to purchase in a store. Additionally, many florists have been educated in color theory which can lead to more visually appealing arrangements.

Number Five:
Expert advice

A professional can give you advice on the many different styles and designs to achieve your vision. They can also offer tips on the color combinations and the best flowers to use for the season. You’re paying for their knowledge, and they are experienced in how to treat your flowers before, during, and after your event. Details such as keeping the arrangements at the correct temperature, properly trimming the leaves and thorns, and overall visual impact, which are crucial to the final result.

Number Six:

Even the most determined and DIY minded brides often don’t have the kind of connections that a professional florist does. Professionals have been in the industry for years and have first-hand knowledge of all the best places to source your blooms. A good florist also knows what decor will best display your arrangements and where to locate them. When you book a florist, you’re also getting access to their connections and may even pick up a good recommendation for other parts of your wedding such as venues, bakers, and photographers.

Number Seven:
Avoid conflict

Many brides may think that it will be easier and cheaper to enlist their friends and relatives who may have experience with flowers. Warning: this could be a huge mistake! Not only because you might not get the quality you’re expecting, but working for free or paying people less than a professional florist could cause a strain in your relationship. Friends and family are not under contract to give you the very best results. Professional florists are committed to providing you the best, it’s their business.

Number Eight:
Attention to details

Florists are naturally creative and can arrange unique bouquets that will make a statement that not only match the centerpieces but the decor and the environment of your event. Everything from the details of your wedding dress, engagement ring, or cake can all be taken into consideration to ensure your event feels cohesive. Florists can flawlessly incorporate personal details, like heirlooms jewelry or photographs!

Number Nine:

Hiring a florist will minimize the number of things you need to stress about before your wedding. Flowers have a small window of time that they can survive in before they start to wilt, so they should be prepared within 24 hours of your wedding day. By hiring a professional florist, you won’t have to worry about trying to get everything done the day before. Don’t cause yourself more stress by adding to your plate on your wedding day. Let a professional handle your flowers so that you can focus on what’s important.

Number Ten:
We care about your special day!

As a professional florist, I take my business very seriously and strive to provide the most value I can to my clients. I take pride in bringing to life your vision for the special day. I truly enjoy creating new looks and exciting unique arrangements for my brides. Nothing is better than the look of sheer joy on a happy couple’s face… except maybe a few extra happy tears!

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