Elope: run away secretly to get married, especially without parental consent, as in: “later he eloped with one of the maids.” While this definition may have been relevant for the 16th-century bride, elopement weddings have come a long way, and are not just for those escaping condemnation, or running off to Vegas.

Elopement weddings, also known as micro-weddings, intimate weddings, pop- up weddings, or private ceremonies are popping up everywhere, especially in this time of social distancing and isolation. And while some are choosing to pare down their ceremonies out of necessity, these smaller weddings have benefits that outlive this quarantine period. Pinterest searches alone for elopement photography increased by 128% in 2019.

Modern elopements are planned, with a limited number of guests and a far more intimate setting. Often, receptions are less formal or eliminated to cut down on cost and spotlight the couple, not their guests. Typically, these weddings have a shorter timeline and a smaller budget. In 2020, those with previous plans are turning to these smaller events to keep up with COVID regulations, but that doesn’t have to mean missing out on the best parts of the day.

Micro-weddings can happen anywhere! The mountains, a courthouse, another country entirely, or your backyard. A smaller guest list means a lot more flexibility in location and time. Modern couples are taking hikes in the forest, or flying to Paris, treating the wedding day itself almost like a honeymoon.

And yes, a micro-wedding can alleviate the financial burden. Having 10 guests instead of 200 will inevitably cut down on the cost, and this could mean a more special experience for those who are in attendance. Money saved on the venue or catering can go towards details that might otherwise be compromised. You may now be able to afford a custom wedding gown, gourmet dinner, or those unique flowers for your bouquet.

Perhaps the most important benefit of losing guests is the intimacy gained in an elopement wedding. These ceremonies take the emphasis away from the some- times overwhelming distractions of a bigger event. They decrease stress and tension and allow the couple to feel like guests at their wedding. Everyone wants to feel special on their wedding day. It’s a celebration and honoring of love and commitment, and spending the day with just a few people certainly places the emphasis on the connection of the couple.

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