At some point, every photographer will ask, 'Is hiring a stylist for a photoshoot worth it?'

After all, you have plenty of experience doing double duty as the resident photographer and stylist- so why hire someone? Why spend money on a service you can (and have) been doing yourself?

Truthfully, there are many ways your photoshoot will benefit from using a professional stylist! Here, we explain how hiring a stylist can upgrade your photoshoots and save you time and money.

These are 4 benefits of hiring a stylist for your photoshoot-

Elegantly designed tables and place settings show why hiring a stylist is a good idea for photographers.

#1 Hiring a Stylist Allows You to Focus on Photography

As a photographer, you’re an expert at paying attention to light and special moments. When you capture them with your lens, you create unforgettable images for your client! That’s why, on photoshoot day, your sole job should be behind the camera.

Conversely, as art directors and stylists, we manage the design process. From set-up to the staging of every scene, we’re at your disposal! We allow you to focus on the overall concept you’re creating and the story you want to tell.

Instead of wasting your time tracking down vendors and positioning props, you get to sit back and watch us work. We have relationships with a network of trusted, local vendors for all of your photo shoot needs! Whether it’s hair and makeup, rentals, props, or wardrobe you’re looking for, we know a guy.

We’ll work tirelessly to find all the perfect elements to bring your vision to life for a fully styled shoot. Photographers often exclaim how stress-free their job was when our sessions are over!

“Lynda and I collaborated on a styled shoot and a fashion show. Her creativity and skills top that of any other florist. Her hard work and artistic abilities shine through in everything she creates. I would recommend her to all event coordinators and brides-to-be. She is wonderful to work with.” Wanderlust Fashion, Des Moines, Iowa

A floral designer works hard creating a set for a photoshoot. Bride and groom kiss in front of a white fireplace lined with a beautiful floral design.

#2 Level up your look

We get it—you’re an experienced photographer who’s worked on countless styled shoots and knows how to set things up! But, you also know how incredible it is to work with other passionate creatives who understand and help elevate your vision. Hiring a stylist will allow you to do just that!

At Lavender Blue, we work with intention and pour our hearts into every detail. From the flower selection to the lighting, it’s all important to us!

We believe that a good stylist is a good listener who can adopt your overall vision for a project and help you produce amazing results. Our job is to make your business even more appealing, whether your goal is capturing your ideal audience or getting your work published in print.

By combining your experience as a visionary with the skills of an accomplished designer, you set your work apart from the competition!

“Lynda has such an eye for creating floral art pieces. You won't find anything of hers done by other florists in town because she puts so much time and effort into each piece she creates. It shows that she absolutely loves what she does and has the experience to give you exactly what you've dreamed up.” Sara Reus, Des Moines Photographer

White chairs are highlighted against a floral backdrop show the benefits of hiring a stylist for your next photoshoot. A bride and groom gaze lovingly into each others eyes in a crowded banquet hall.

#3 Get the Bigger Picture and the Tiny Details

Working with a stylist can help you to see the bigger picture for your photoshoot. 

Hiring a stylist for your photoshoot means you will get professional advice and benefit from the creative eye of someone who creates designs and sets full-time. Sometimes, another set of eyes can see things you missed. Other artists can make suggestions on how to achieve your goals that you might have yet to consider. 

Before the photoshoot begins, we'll have vignettes set up, details arranged, and all necessary items gathered. We'll also curate a wardrobe and accessories at your request to create a complete visual narrative of your concept! Whether planning an event or a styled shoot, we create a finished product with texture, depth, and pleasing lines.

“Lavender Blue Floral is a pleasure to work with! She curates a vision and follows through— whether that’s infant flower tiaras, corporate event styling, or a bridal bouquet.” Andi Vance, owner of Aporei Boudoir Lingerie
Disco balls and boho baskets hang from a white ceiling.

#4 Good Stylists become a part of your Team

As a photographer, you likely surround yourself with people who help you streamline your life and make the best use of your time and money.

Most small business owners will have trusted assistants, contractors, bookkeepers, social media managers, and other essential roles. Many photographers spend countless hours preparing for a photo shoot or event but only spend about 2 minutes deciding how to stage the set and make it work for them.

Think about it like this- you probably don't file your own taxes. Technically, it's perfectly legal to prepare your taxes, but why would you? Many talented tax professionals can do a more efficient job than you and enjoy it.

Hiring a stylist is a bit like that. A good stylist falls seamlessly into your workflow, making set design easy and stress-free, allowing you to spend more time behind the camera.

Fully Curated Styled Shoots & Events

As artists, we're intimately familiar with the principal elements of design: balance, harmony, and contrast. From that foundation of knowledge, we pour love and intention into everything we create. 

At Lavender Blue, we do more than just floral design. One of our biggest passions is event styling! We love acting as Creative Directors for weddings, proms, and events, especially for styled shoots and editorials.

Hiring a stylist is the most effective way to elevate your photoshoots! Ready to sit back and let us turn the big picture into a gorgeous, intentional, detailed design? Get in touch today! We can't wait to collaborate with you to create something magical.