Hues of deep emerald, bright pink, and delicate gold formed the palette for Jessica and Chris's wedding at 1868 Farmhouse in Boone County, Iowa. Even when rain moved the ceremony indoors, the couple were all smiles. Despite the last-minute change, their indoor ceremony came together beautifully! The reception hall was a perfect fit for their guest count of 125, and candlelight cast the space in a warm, loving glow. We loved how Jessica and Chris blended traditional and modern elements to create a day that was uniquely their own. 

Here are all the details of this Green and Pink Wedding at the 1868 Farmhouse-

Adding Hispanic Elements at the 1868 Farmhouse

Jessica's family is of Hispanic descent, and her mother originally wanted them to have a traditional wedding in the Catholic church. However, the couple preferred to keep things simple and host their ceremony and reception at the same venue. Still, they strove to honor family tradition while including their personal elements and tastes in the ceremony. 

The light and airy 1868 Farmhouse, with its statement white walls, hardwood flooring, and floor-to-ceiling windows, ended up being the venue of their dreams! The clean, white shades of the venue were the perfect backdrop for a customized wedding with Hispanic influence, as unique as the couple themselves. 

Touches of Tradition

We honored Jessica's heritage by adorning the bridal bouquet with a customized pearl rosary, which followed gracefully with Jessica's movements. A live Mariachi traveled from a great distance to perform traditional Hispanic music at the ceremony and reception. DJ JM3 kept the energy flowing when the band wasn't playing.

The musicians were a hit with wedding guests, and why wouldn't they be? We must say, a Mariachi band is a truly unique wedding element! 

To add to the fun, each guest selected a colorful, handpainted maraca to shake as they welcomed the newlyweds into their reception. The maracas also doubled as wedding souvenirs that will be a colorful reminder of the couple's happy day for years to come.

Interior Elements and Floral Design in Shades of Green and Pink

Lavender Blue ensured that intentional design elements within the couple's chosen color palette were also present throughout the day. 

The bridesmaids dawned velvet dresses in a stunning shade of emerald green, and we wanted to incorporate their texture elsewhere in the reception styling. So, we used a thin, delicate velvet ribbon, emerald green, of course, to secure each guest's napkin. A gold-painted leaf completed each arrangement, adding a sense of luxury while it rested on top of chargers rimmed in gold beads.

Added Sweetness

Mel's Sweet Occasions handcrafted every detail of this green and pink wedding cake. 

A delicate pink rose masterpiece wrapped around Jessica and Chris's three-tiered wedding cake. The bottom layer was emerald green, while the top layers were cream-colored, an ode to tradition. Flecks of gold tied all three layers of the cake together, and a golden topper finished the show. 

St. Kilda's catering provided delicate, handcrafted pastries that guests could eat without ruining their attire. The pastries were so lovely they also doubled as decor!

Green and Pink Bridal Bouquet with a Hispanic Influence

Lavender Blue worked with Jessica to select the ideal blend of pink and white roses for her bridal bouquet. The delicate pearl rosary clutched to the bridal bouquet oozed Hispanic charm in a mother-approved ode to Jessica's heritage. Bright fushia roses added a touch of the couple's individual style and modernized the piece.

We used the same combination throughout the day alongside greenery and sprigs of white lupine to highlight elements like the sweetheart table. While the greenery brought life and nature to the indoor setting, the pink roses added a fun pop of color. 

A Backdrop of Timeless Cream Colored Roses

In addition, we provided the couple with a backdrop wall of elegant cream-colored roses, with fushia blooms stylishly thrown in. The Mariachi band stood behind this backdrop during the ceremony. Later, the wall doubled as a unique background for photos with the couple's family and friends! 

The bride and groom and their wedding guests agreed- our rose wall looked amazing on camera! Kirstie Veatch Photography was onsite to capture the memorable mariachi band, the couple's special moments, and fun with friends and family.

Blooming at The Sweetheart Table

Jessica and Chris' sweetheart table was located in front of the glowing fireplace mantle, lined with lively pieces of greenery and floating candles.

It all started when Jessica saw our design on Instagram, fell in love, and asked that we replicate it for her special day. So, of course, we did! 

Our dreamy floral arrangement echoed the green and pink wedding colors. By allowing the blooms to flow down the left side of the mantle, we highlighted the table even further and brought in the wedding palette without distracting from the festivities.

Incorporating the Venue in the Wedding Arch

Throughout ancient cultures worldwide, the circle has been used as a symbol of unity, completion, and eternity. It's no coincidence that modern wedding rings, used to represent eternal love, are also circular.

The circular arch uses the couple's green and pink wedding colors and rosy blooms to highlight them as they say 'I do.' We added floral arrangements to create color and warmth but left the empty center of the arch to be filled with the white wall of the 1868 Farmhouse. This allowed the couple to command the center stage and still stay on theme.

Go Green (and Pink)

It was truly a pleasure to meet Jessica and Chris and help curate their wedding at 1868 Farmhouse! Lavender Blue is your go-to for all things floral design in Des Moines, from bridal bouquets to boutonnieres to table styling and more. Find out why brides continue to choose Lavender Blue as their florist.

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