Recently, we joined an online educational community of florists that inspired this styled shoot! There are countless ways to incorporate unconventional flowers and plant materials into the floral design for your wedding, including everyone’s favorite house plants. Playing with the texture, color, and overall feel of an arrangement is what makes floral artistry so much fun! We love doing this work and are thrilled to share this shoot with you. Keep scrolling for all the floral design inspiration you need!

Collaboration with Local Iowa Vendors

We asked one of our favorite Iowa wedding photographers, Sara Reus, to photograph this shoot at The Whistler Studio in downtown Des Moines. Her talent is incredible, and we love the dramatic feel of these images!

We also reached out to Weddings by Design, a Des Moines bridal boutique we have collaborated with previously. They always support our work and sourced three unique dresses for our model with a contemporary, garden-inspired feel. In addition, they provided all the gorgeous jewelry that the model wore! We couldn’t have asked to work with a more gifted group of vendors.

Unique Ceremony-scapes

Creating one-of-a-kind ceremony designs with unconventional plant materials was our goal for this shoot. House plants are on-trend, and we especially wanted to incorporate them! So, we created a semi-circle of plants and flowers that we used as a backdrop for part of the shoot.

We sourced Peegee hydrangeas from an Iowa flower farm and smooth-leafed Caladium plants from a local greenhouse. The combination was stunningly lush, and the bride looked radiant as she posed among all the greenery! Meanwhile, tall perennial grasses added texture and height to the design.

In addition, we used lilies to create an asymmetrical, pillar-style archway. These flowers are often associated with events like funerals and can be too large and pungent for weddings. However, we love their look and wanted to see what we could do!

We avoided an overwhelming odor by selecting Asian lilies instead of the traditional Oriental variety. Then, we clumped them together on the archway for an updated feel. The result was perfect for a contemporary wedding! To match the smoothness and simplicity of the flowers, the bride wore a silk slip gown by Essense of Australia.

Three Colorful Bridal Bouquets

We also created three unique bouquets that the bride carried throughout the shoot. Our team sourced the flowers from a local farm, including soft lavender dahlias and pink zinnias that we incorporated into the first bouquet! Although zinnias are not our first choice for a luxe look, we loved how the warm palette of this bouquet elevated their impact. Adding fresh berries and a trailing yellow ribbon gave this bouquet a playful feel that would be perfect for a summer wedding.

For the second bouquet, we aimed for a more minimal and textural feel with the addition of greenery and pampas grass. However, our favorite garden rose variety still added a pop of color! Known as the “green eye” rose for their bright green, textured centers, these flowers added a touch of romance with their ruffled pink petals. The bride changed into an All Who Wander gown with a beautiful scalloped lace bodice for these images, and the details on the bodice framed the flowers perfectly.

The third bouquet had a more monochromatic feel and consisted mainly of orange garden roses. Still, we incorporated sprigs of lavender-colored Queen Anne’s lace throughout for a touch of texture and color contrast. We love pairing smooth and rough textures, and this bouquet is a perfect example of that!

Work with Lavender Blue Floral Artistry

We would love to collaborate with you to bring the wedding flowers of your dreams to life! Floral artistry is our passion, and we’ll take care of the styling down to the smallest detail—so that you can focus on your special day. To inquire, fill out our quick form and share the details of your day with us! We can’t wait to meet you.


Creative Direction and Floral Design: Lavender Blue

Photography: Sara Reus

Studio: The Whistler

Apparel and Jewelry: Weddings By Design

Makeup: Yahaira Espinosa

Gown 1: All Who Wander

Gowns 2 and 3: Essense of Australia

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