As a wedding florist based in Iowa, I love fall! And not just because it’s a gorgeous season here in the Midwest. It’s the perfect time to showcase our team’s expertise in bringing all the colors and textures of the season together in beautiful, one-of-a-kind floral arrangements. We get to exercise our creativity with plenty of seasonal blooms at our fingertips. Keep scrolling for all the floral inspiration for a fall wedding you need!


Fall wedding flowers inspiration

Preparing for Fall Wedding Season

Year-round, we are intentional about building relationships with local flower farmers. That means fresh, seasonal florals like dahlias, zinnias, and hydrangeas are available to us no matter the season. While we always benefit from these relationships, they are especially crucial in fall when there is less blooming generally. Not to mention that weddings and events are more sustainable when we reach for locally sourced materials!

In addition, we collect materials from previous seasons, including grasses, hydrangeas, and eucalyptus, and dry them in anticipation of the fall. They then make beautiful textural additions to bouquets and other arrangements! One of our favorite design elements is a mixture of smooth and rough textures, and fall is the perfect time to spotlight this.

Lavender Blue - Iowa Wedding Florist
Floral inspiration for a fall wedding in Iowa

Floral Inspiration for a Fall Wedding

Recently, we participated in a styled shoot where we crafted a fall wedding bouquet from locally sourced dahlias, zinnias, and garden roses. We embraced the warm color scheme of the season with a mixture of tangerines, corals, and pinks, with just a hint of cool lavender. Dried Queen Anne’s lace added a bit of textural appeal! Meanwhile, a soft yellow ribbon trailed from the bottom. The color perfectly imitated the leaves of the trees during fall in the Midwest.

Bridal bouquet for a styled shoot with dahlias, garden roses, and zinnias

We also featured Jordan and Cole’s September wedding on the blog! This couple had such a beautiful vision for their florals, and it was an honor to bring it to life. Jordan carried a romantic bouquet of white and blush roses accented with orange dahlias, pampas grass, and ivy. The color palette was warm yet subtle, while the texture of the pampas grass gave it an elevated boho feel. Cole also wore a matching boutonniere! White rosebuds paired with a blush chrysanthemum and dried berries for a varied take on the colors and texture of Jordan’s bouquet.

A bridal bouquet filled with white roses and orange dahlias by Lavender Blue

Design Your Fall Wedding Flowers with Lavender Blue

We hope this floral inspiration for a fall wedding has you stoked about all the possibilities for designing your wedding flowers! As you plan your fall wedding in Iowa, we would love to come alongside you to express your unique style through bespoke florals. Inquire today to schedule a discovery call with us!


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