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Amy and Maggie's ceremony perfectly captured the essence of their love. The couple chose a sage green wedding, with a venue overlooking the Iowa State Capitol building, reflecting their passion for the city and each other. The color scheme set the stage for the entire day, bringing in an energy of hope and optimism associated with sage.

Many brides pick sage green wedding colors because of the calming and soothing qualities and because the palette is adaptable to different venues and backgrounds. Green represents growth and new beginnings, a fitting choice for the start of any couple's new life together.

Here are all the details of Amy and Maggie's Sage Green Wedding-

For the Love of Des Moines

Amy and Maggie have a burning passion for Des Moines and wanted to represent this flame on their big day. 

To do this, the couple shot their wedding photos in front of the historic Iowa State Capitol Building. With Amy's elegant lace dress and Maggie's sharp look, the images exuded a vintage, timeless feel.

Going out of State

Anyone who's ever planned a wedding from out of state can agree- it's stressful! At the same time, Maggie was settling in at an exciting new job. 

Luckily, organizational Amy was able to gather and coordinate all the vendors while out of state! The couple used Complete Wedding + Events to help with bookings and ensure everything was scheduled and coordinated without a hitch. Complete Wedding served as Amy's feet on the ground since she couldn't meet with all the vendors in person.

Wedding Venue with Views of Des Moines

Des Moines lovers Amy and Maggie chose the River Center as their wedding venue. 

The River's open and airy space, with its unique combination of rustic and industrial qualities, went perfectly with the couple's sage green wedding theme. While a mix of wood and exposed brick created a dynamic backdrop, high ceilings let in tons of natural sunshine, and romantic strings of fairy lights added a dreamy woodland feel. The guests honored Amy and Maggie's sage green wedding colors with their own choice of clothing, creating a collective flow of color throughout the venue.

To further celebrate the couple's love for the city, the River's covered patio faces Principal Park, with lovely views of the Iowa State Capitol Building and the Des Moines skyline. 

Pillars by the Altar

Two large pillars, sturdy and square, stood watch on either side of the couple as they said, 'I do.'

Each pillar had a romantic bouquet of whites and creams bursting over the sides. The mix of white blooms and sprigs of greenery paired with the ceremony's sage green decor. White roses and green leaves complimented Amy's delicate lace dress without distracting from her beauty.

A Non-Traditional Wedding Arch 

Traditionally, the wedding arch represents the entrance into a new life, the passage the two lovers will enter together. In practical terms, a wedding arch frames the couple as they say, 'I do.' 

Skipping tradition, Amy and Maggie used the solid white pillars and the romantic floral arrangements on either side of them as their version of a wedding arch. This unique and lovingly creative touch would have taken Amy ages to plan, so instead, she hired our team at Lavender Blue Floral to design and bring her vision to life. 

Bridal Bouquet & Bridesmaid Bouquets

Wedding bouquets are a favorite focal point of any wedding. 

Amy and Maggie chose a simple and elegant combination of white and green for the bouquets. Sage green is a dynamic color palette that pairs well with warm or cool secondary colors, curating a sense of calm. The white roses and smaller flowers, married with the green foliage, were elegant and sophisticated. The natural and classic choice added to the dreamy and timeless feeling of the day.

Every stem was held together with a simple white silk ribbon. Amy's bouquet had a small gold pendant attached to the collar in honor of her late father. This subtle nod to her father made it so he could still be there as she walked down the aisle.

Capturing the Moment

They say your wedding day goes by in the blink of an eye. 

Amy and Maggie hired the experts at Complete Wedding + Events to help find the best DJ and videographer for the job. The couple's wedding video highlighted all the finest moments of the day, from the ring to the invitations, to the vows, the cake cutting, and all the special moments in between.

Grace Troutman Photography used each element of the event to tell the story of the couple's big day. Amy and Maggie's wedding photos in front of the Iowa State Capital Building embody their love for each other and Des Moines. Warm colors, like those in the building, breathe vintage life into the photos. Grace stayed on theme and showed off the cityscape while translating the couple's devotion through the images. Each photograph contains a unique element of Amy and Maggie's story. 

Natural Hair and Makeup Look for Sage Green Wedding Colors

To bring the final touches to Amy's look, Hello Darlin Glam was responsible for hair and makeup. Amy's makeup was done softly and naturally to enhance the beauty already there. The bridal updo framed her face with loose curls, and a singular braid tracing back elevated the look, adding a dash of glamour.

Going Sage Green on Your Big Day

Des Moines brides choose Lavender Blue as their florist when they want a commitment to quality, design, and craftsmanship that only a luxury florist can provide.

Feeling green? We've got the skinny on how to use sage green for your wedding colors! Get in touch with us today to see what we can create for your special moment.

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