The bride and groom are ready to take their first steps into their new life as one, surrounded by family, friends, and contemporary elegance. Lavender Blue, along with some of the best luxury wedding vendors in Des Moines, came together to create a day as unique as the couple themselves. Quality shows in every detail of this ceremony: soft tones and decadent floral arrangements paint a picture of romance directly onto the sophisticated backdrop of the venue.

+++++++Here are all the details of this dreamy West Des Moines wedding-+++++++++++++++++++++

1. Wedding Cake in White & Blue 

A cake is a highlight of any celebration, but nowhere does it take a more central role than on your big day. 

In both cake and marriage, it's the little things that matter most. Handcrafted with love and care, even the fine details of the cake created by Ami's Cakes have consistent beauty and symmetry. Skillfully designed and decorated, the blue and white masterpiece is patterned to match the aesthetic of the wedding. Accented by our stunning floral arrangements, the soft, muted tones of the cake flow seamlessly into the wedding theme.

2. Bridal Bouquet with Tones of Soft Peach 

For most brides, choosing a bouquet arrangement can be nearly as important as saying yes to the dress. Think about it: blooming flowers are often the only colors the bride carries with her as she walks down the aisle.

You only have one chance to get the bridal bouquet right. Yet another reason why, no matter your budget, choosing an experienced florist is crucial to the aesthetic integrity of your wedding.

For this wedding, we created a luxury bridal bouquet that whispers in shades of white and peach. The coloring is feminine and soft but bold enough to create contrast. Delicate white flowers soften the pretty peach colors while tying the piece together. Even from afar, the bouquet exudes a sense of refined elegance.

3. Luxury Floral Table Decor with Rentals

The overall aesthetic is balanced and precise, framed with flowers to create a complete work of (floral) art. 

The tables are set with long stalks of blue flowers darkening to violet, reflecting the length of the candles set at the tables, evoking a symmetry between fire and earth. Besides the slender flowers, small bunches of peach and white blooms are placed in containers to look like they'd always been there. Blooms at each table were artfully arranged to be low-key yet lovely, each leading to a larger floral piece marking the end of the table. 

4. Find Romance at The Monroe in West Des Moines 

They say your wedding is the biggest event of your life - which means your chosen venue sets the stage for the biggest event of your life! Luckily, The Monroe is the perfect location for a luxury wedding in West Des Moines, bringing in lovestruck couples from all over the state.

The venue furnishings are contemporary, allowing the celebration to paint its personality onto the space. We love The Monroe's nod to grandeur, with delicate chandeliers and flawless white wainscotting. The intimate chapel is the perfect size for a celebration, with plenty of natural light into the golden hours of the evening. For outdoor ceremonies, the venue has an equally well-appointed courtyard. We adore the brick pavers and wood pergola arbor, which give the square a refined yet comfortable feel.

5. A Floral Updo Adds Whimsy to Traditional Bridal Makeup

Using flowers and skill for the bride's hair and makeup helped create a modernized take on a traditional wedding look. 

Local business I Do Pretty: The Beauty Bar and The Salon is known around Des Moines for flawless event makeup. Here, the bridal makeup is applied with a gentle hand, complementing her natural beauty and highlighting her best features. The bride's updo is a soft and refined creation of Solo By Mario, rounding out a look as elegant and graceful as the floral accents lining The Monroe. The delicate tones of the floral hairpiece were a subtle nod to the shade of her lipstick, tying the entire look together. 

The hairpiece, as well as the gloves, gown, and men's luxury watches, were each chosen from the curated collections of Weddings By Design + The Tux Shop, a favorite of luxury lovers in West Des Moines. 

Storytelling with Video 

Every wedding has its own story, and Madisen Lynn Videography brought that story to life frame by frame. 

Every detail of the event was reflected in the couple's wedding video, showing off their lush ceremony in West Des Moines. No detail is overlooked, from the floral accents to the candles and place settings. The finer choices of the bride and groom's outfits are appreciated, with artfully aid-out watches, cologne, and other luxury items. Organic moments are set between posed scenes, taking full advantage of the natural light and layout of the venue. Seeing others in love is a heartwarming experience, and West Des Moines trusts Madisen Lynn for special event videography. 

Photos are Forever

When Des Moines needs fine art wedding photography, they turn to Sara Reus Photography.

Sarah and the team were in charge of photographing the moments before the wedding, as well as the ceremony itself. Using a wealth of experience to weave a tapestry of memories via photo, Sarah Reus Photography made sure the couple's big day will live on forever. With Sarah’s specialty in fine art weddings, each of the photos of the wedding party has the feel of a work of art, carefully organized and composed for the best possible snapshot of that moment in time. The video was filled with love and laughter, displaying the couple's dedication to each other.

Your Big Day 

There's a reason why Des Moines brides choose Lavender Blue as their florist- our dedication to quality, creativity, and craftsmanship sets us apart from other luxury florists in Des Moines and beyond! 
Get in touch with us to see what we can customize for your special day.

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