So you're planning your dream winter wedding and have more ideas and colors swirling around in your mind than snowflakes in a blizzard! Well, you've landed on the right page. At Lavender Blue Floral, we've been a first-hand creator in some of the most beautiful weddings in Des Moines.

Whether you're wondering what type of flowers to use in a winter wedding or what type of cake is on theme, look no further.

Gather up your ideas and get ready to be inspired by this winter wedding-

Getting Married in the Winter

Getting married in the winter is every bit the fairytale you've always imagined for your big day.

This magical winter ceremony was an unforgettable experience for those who attended. The venue's brick background smoothly blends with the tone of the event while adding a masculine grounding vibe, while the winter wedding colors create a unique and striking feast for the eyes.

Winter Wedding FAQ

What Flowers Do You Use in a Winter Wedding?

Flowers like white Roses, Amaryllis Camellia, Tulips, and Poinsettia, are perfect for a winter wedding. Adding other elements, like berries, pinecones, pieces of dusty miller, and eucalyptus greenery into your winter floral arrangements, is a great way to keep on theme.

What Colors Do You Use in a Winter Wedding?

Red, burgundy, emerald green, and navy blue are some of the most popular colors to use in a winter wedding. Darker jewel tones, metallic gold, and silvers add an element of shimmer of romance. In this event, our couple used sophisticated tones of silver along with soft, feminine tones of peach.

How Should I Dress for a Wedding in the Winter?
If you're wondering how to stay warm during a winter ceremony, keep scrolling to see some beautiful ideas our creative team executed in this wedding! Think of warm, thick fabrics like faux fur or velvet. Tights under the wedding dress or tux will help the wearer stay toasty.

A Whimsical Winter Wedding Dress

The bride said yes to the perfect dress for a winter wedding, choosing a timeless look that would suit any snow queen. The dress is accented with a luxurious fur wrap for the outdoor photo session, adding to its charm and overall chilly feel. A single velvet ribbon flowing down from the bridal bouquet serves a subtle pop of color, leaving the glowing couple to take center stage.

The wedding dress, as well as the handsome silver tux, were handpicked from the collections of Weddings By Design + The Tux Shop, one of Des Moines' top luxury bridal boutiques.

Glittering Winter Wedding Jewels

What type of jewelry would the queen of winter adorn herself with? 

Bruce Owens Jewelry Design hit the mark with wedding rings that are as loving and solid as the couple who will wear them until death do they part. Diamond earrings set in warm tones remind us of golden sunlight melting drops of snow. 

A Soft but Strong Bridal Bouquet 

For this wedding, we created a bridal bouquet that quietly calls attention in tones of soft creams, warm yellows, and romantic peach. The color palette is feminine but bold enough to hold its own in a winter ceremony. The bridal bouquet exudes silent sophistication and timeless elegance, perfectly on theme.

A Touch of Velvet

Honey Silks & Co. is where Des Moines brides go for handmade, small-batch luxury silks, velvets, and textiles. 

Honey Silks has a full menu of gorgeous ribbons and fine textiles. All of the company's luxury silks and velvets are hand dyed in small batches. From Honey Silks creative studio in Carmel, Indiana, the company ships to happy brides worldwide.

In this winter wedding, a single velvet ribbon serves as a unifying piece in the bridal bouquet and photo collages, carrying the theme from frame to frame.

A Tux of Silver

Silver is a classic winter wedding color for so many reasons- it's a cool, neutral tone that mother nature is wearing at this time of the year, and it represents elegance, sophistication, and exclusive glamour. Silver is also associated with the 25th wedding anniversary, known as the "silver anniversary."

In this ceremony, the groom layered refined, classy neutrals for a practical, warm, and fashionable effect. The pocket square and neck tie reflect the colors of the bridal bouquet. A handsome watch by The Tux Shop adds another layer of strength to the look.

A Berry Winter Wedding Cake

It's the fine details of this cake that really tie it together with the winter wedding theme.

White glazing gracefully glides down the sides of the cake, resembling winter snow. Bold pops of color, in the form of blackberries, add a dash of elegance. Simple, on theme, and completely unique, just like the couple themselves, this winter wedding cake is one for the books. Accented on the table by our beautiful white roses and a few remaining berries, the cake glaze is a direct ode to winter.

Winter Wedding Ideas: Small Touches

Just like with marriage, it's the tiny details that paint the larger picture.

Small touches like warmly textured chairs, sprigs of greenery, and lively floral centerpieces that echo the bride's bouquet bring the festivities together. The light hitting the copper dinnerware just the right way creates a timeless glow. A fur throw on the back of the couch symbolizes warmth against the masculine leather. These fine details are a shining example of why hiring wedding professionals is an investment that will continue to pay off for the rest of your lives.

A Winter to Remember

You only have one chance to get it right when it comes to life's special moments.

When you hire a photographer specializing in fine art weddings, you know that each photo will look like a masterpiece. Textures, like those in the fur wrap or the floral arrangements, bring the photos to life. Sarah Reus Photography managed to stay on the winter wedding theme while still conveying the warmth of love that the couple shares. The photographer captured all the best moments from this winter ceremony, from love and laughter to happy ever after.

Coming This Winter 

Are you overflowing with winter wedding ideas and ready to plan your dream ceremony?

Look no further- there are more than a few reasons why Des Moines chooses Lavender Blue as their florist. Our dedication to creating unique floral arrangements that fit your needs sets us apart from other luxury florists in Des Moines and all of Iowa! 

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