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Hi I’m Lynda,

At Lavender Blue, we tell stories through our flowers. Here, you’ll meet me, learn the inspiration behind our studio, and discover how we can start the conversation.

florist and creative director.
This is my story:

Growing up near my cousin's dairy farm, my love for flowers began in my early life. I was passionate about taking care of animals and always thought I'd be a farm vet. Instead, my path took me toward working in emergency medicine.

Even studying the hard sciences, I've always been imaginative. When I was in nursing school decades ago, my friends would knock on my door and ask for my studying help. I'd make up a funny story or mnemonic about the anatomy we had to learn for that week's test. It made them laugh, and it helped us get through school.

Stories have always been part of me - my dad was hard of hearing, and we found ourselves emoting heavily through facial expressions. That and the fact that I'm naturally goofy made me a storyteller. And somewhere along the way, I returned to my roots. Flowers became the ultimate medium through which I could tell both my stories and that of others.

But it was when life hit me hardest that flowers became my outlet, my safety, my saving grace.


In 2017, I lost my son Richard to Fentanyl, and my dad passed a few months later. Life became a big, dark cloud. It was suffocating, impossible, and heavy. I can honestly say life lost all meaning for me.

A few months later, I took the small inheritance my dad left for me and started my business, named after a Burl Ives song. He always listened to it, and it made him feel like he was okay.

des moines, ia florist

If I had a flower for every time I thought of you,

I could walk through my garden forever"

Flowers touch every part of our lives – from the birth of a child to your wedding, and yes, even the end of life.

This quote is how I think of my work as a florist. It evokes those stories in a visual expression on your most special and joyful day. Today, I’m inspired by the couples I’m honored to call my clients, my amazing daughters, and the hope that flowers bring. I tell you this not just to share my story but to invite you to share yours, too. I wholeheartedly welcome you and hope you know that you are heard and seen and will always find joy here.

I don’t just think of myself as your florist – I’m here to make your imaginings real, to spark your creativity, and transform the possibilities of your vision board into an experience you’ll remember for always. So let’s get to work and create floral designs that inspire you and your guests!

"Lynda was WONDERFUL to work with"

Kind Words

"Lavender Blue Floral provided a gorgeous flower crown, bridal bouquet, and corsages/boutonnieres that were simply some of the most beautiful pieces of art I've ever seen. I felt like a fairy princess in a Jane Austen novel. She creatively gave me the bright, garden, bohemian look I wanted. It was even better than I had imagined it would be. Lynda is quick to message or call back and showed up right on time. She even helped me put on my flower crown for the big day! Thank you Lynda for making our wedding perfect"

Abi Calvert

Des Moines Bride