Advice December 27, 2022

Floral Inspiration for a Fall Wedding in the Midwest

As a wedding florist based in Iowa, I love fall! And not just because it’s a gorgeous season here in the...
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Advice November 8, 2022

20 Questions to Ask on Your Final Venue Walkthrough

If your final venue walkthrough is coming up, you’re probably wondering how to prepare yourself. What questions should you ask along...
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Advice September 13, 2022

Best of the Best: Our 5 Favorite Wedding Venues in Iowa

Long before you reach the 'final walkthrough stage,' with your event venue, you'll experience the 'daydreaming of the perfect wedding phase.'...
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Advice August 1, 2020

4 Benefits of Hiring a Stylist for Your Photoshoot

At some point, every photographer will ask, 'Is hiring a stylist for a photoshoot worth it?' After all, you have plenty...
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